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My name is Christian Broberg, and I'm born the 5th of February 1968 in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can check my CV here, and my selected references here.

I have been self employed since 1995 as a CEO and Managing Partner in the company WebHouse LLC Denmark, and ODEUM LLC Denmark.

WebHouse works with almost every aspect of the web production life-cycle from web strategy, web architecture, creative design, content management system implementation, search engine optimization, hosting and customer training and support.

Key skills:
My key skills include General Corporate Management, Sales and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization specialist (SEO), Content Management System specialist, E-shop specialist, Web Architecture specialist and Web Strategy specialist, and in general skilled in running all parts of a web operation on an International level.

My work:
My work includes business strategies, website strategy, web architecture, SEO and Content Management Systems work for over 300+ clients in Denmark, Belgium and London.

I am fluently in English, speaking and writing and have been "on stage" since 1995 including sales presentations, negotiation, budget proposals, strategy presentations, training, conferencing and keynote speaks in several IT and web forums.

I am a lifetime part owner of a commercially CMS product called ODEUM CMS with 200+ installations, and free to use my CMS system worldwide for different business needs. This CMS platform is ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as I know SEO and Content Management Systems are still an emerging area, ODEUM CMS can truly boost a new business area or add to an existing corporations SEO and Web CMS skills.

I have two degrees in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, so I know my way around people and their psychology which is particular useful in sales, management and HR.

I have been both Chairman and secretary in a Danish IT Forum with 5.000 nationwide members, and board representative in ITS Denmark (Intelligent Transport Systems).

I’m always looking to expand my career with new adventures/ventures together with new customers and partners.

Personal skills:
• Drive and enthusiasm with entrepreneurial skills
• Highly developed organisational skills, with the ability to strategically plan
• Ability to manage own workload and coordinate input from others
• Creative writing skills
• Commitment to team working
• High level of relationship and influencing skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills
• Able to negotiate with, and influence, stakeholders of all levels
• Able to negotiate, manage and build relationships with customers and partners
• Able to perform well under pressure and to tight deadlines
Flexible approach to work
• Project and budget management skills
Outgoing and social nature

Education summary:
High School. University: Was trained 2 years at Aalborg University, Denmark in Computer Science without degree, and another 2 years of Computer School on a technical level. Before entering to school i was a self trained developer.

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Christian Broberg
Cell DK: +45 22 68 08 80

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My CV: Christian_Broberg_CV_2008.pdf (283 KB)

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